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Spencer MacIntyre

About me

Spencer MacIntyre is a Canadian-Lithuanian actor who brings a fierce and experienced approach to the screen, splitting his time between Toronto, Los Angeles, London, and Vilnius. Legally able to work in 35 countries, MacIntyre is a true road warrior: he’ll do whatever it takes and go wherever is needed, in order to be an integral and collaborative member of any production with the collective goal of nailing the take. Armed with courage and know-how, MacIntyre can adapt to any situation, time, or place, exemplifying a dogged commitment to his craft.
Whilst growing up with humble means in a small community north of Toronto, MacIntyre found his calling young: landing his first audition and booking the gig at 6-years-old. After an acting hiatus - changing paths to pursue a career in accounting for other artists and performers - the beckoning call of the film set had become insatiable. MacIntyre soon found himself back in front of the lens after selling his accounting firm: he hasn’t turned his back on his passion since. He’s now on a quest to collaborate with others on set to build a scene, sink into a role, and lose himself in character after character.
MacIntyre’s reputation as a workhorse in the film industry is not unjustified, auditioning up to 12 times a week to pursue his calling. His international presence also serves the opportunity to widen his reach and exposure in multiple major markets worldwide. He sums up his return to acting as a daily recommitment: “Like anything else - be it music, painting: whatever - it’s a muscle, and you just have to keep working on it.”


Acting age
26-46 years
Year of birth
1989 (35 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Toronto (CA), Vilnius (LT)
Housing options
London (GB), Berlin (DE)
British, Canadian, Lithuanian
American-Standard(native dialect)English-Standard
Main profession
Driver's licenses
Car class, Motorcycle class
Other licenses
Gun license, Hunting license, Small firearm


Professional background

The Lighthouse w/ Angela Besharah Nov 2021 present (excl Apr ‘ ARG Studio NYC w/ Anthony Grasso May 2022 present Basic Combat (Single Sword, Staff, Unarmed) at Rapier Wit (Daniel Levinson) May 2022 Vocal Combat Training (Video Game/Firear ms) at Rapier Wit (Daniel Levinson/D’Arcy Smith) May 2022 LB Acting Studio w/ Lewis Baumander June 2022 to Aug 2022 The Actor’s Station AUS w/ Les Chantery July 2022 Stage & Screen Practical Firearm Safety Workshop at Rapier Wit (Daniel Levinson) Nov 2022


Wingo Wingo 2: On Angle's Wings (Short film)
Spencer (MR) Kareen Mallon Producer: Wingo Productions Written by: Spencer MacIntyre and Katie Scharf
One Night in Lethargia: Painkiller (Short film)
Floyd (MR) Stephen Beason Producer: Dogwood Studios Written by: Stephen Beason


Whiskey on the Rocks (Mini series)
Chester Lang (GR) Bjorn Stein Producer: Paprika Films Station: Disney+/SVT Distribution: Disney Casting Director: Donatas Simukauskas Written by: Bjorn Stein
Tales From The Territories (Documentary drama)
Jerry Calhoun Station: VICETV Distribution: VICETV Casting Director: Sergio Alvarado
The Haunted Museum (Documentary drama)
Delivery Man Justin Harding Producer: Cream Productions Casting Director: Gloria Mann
Haunted Hospitals Season 4 (Documentary drama)
Priest Station: Travel Channel Casting Director: Sergio Alvarado
Repossessed (Documentary drama)
Great Grandpa (Young) Station: Hulu Distribution: Hulu Casting Director: Sergio Alvarado